Mailing lists hosted on must adhere to these policies. Any mailing list which is in violation will be immediately disabled by the staff pending further investigation. Any mailing list whose owner has been repeatedly warned about violations of these policies will have all their lists removed from the system upon further violations.

If you think these policies are being violated by a mailing list, please send complete details and evidence to <> for investigation. All abuse complaints will be investigated as soon as possible and except in extrordinary circumstances will be resolved within 7 days.

Sending of unsolicited messages either commercial or non-commercial in nature is strictly forbidden for all mailing lists. All list subscriptions are opt-in by the recipient only, and must be confirmed by the receipient before sending list messages to any email address. The only exception is that mailing list owners may send one terse message (with no other advertising except for the mailing list itself) inviting persons otherwise known to them to join their mailing list. Note that this still prohibits sending of messages to unknown persons or harvested addresses. In the case of disputes about opt-in versus unsolicited subscription, it is the responsibility of the list owner to maintain proof that the email address in question explicitly requested to be subscribed to the list.

List owners may not use the email addresses of their list members for any other purpose than the sending of their mailing list on without the explicit permission of each list member. In addition, list owners are forbidden from selling, renting, bartering or otherwise distributing any email addresses on their mailing lists to any third parties without explicit permission of the staff. will never sell, rent, barter or otherwise distribute any electronic mail addresses from mailing lists on our server.

Mailing lists on must be primarily non-commercial in nature unless explicit permission has been granted by the staff to the list owner to run a commercially-oriented list. The majority of messages on a mailing list must be non-commercial, however not all commercial advertisements are forbidden. It is up to list owners to develop additional policies on a per-list basis as to the acceptable level on commercial content permitted on their list within these guidelines.

List members may not harrass or threaten other list members. List members may not subscribe to mailing lists to harvest electronic mail addresses of other subscribers for any purpose. List members may not post commercial advertisements to any mailing list without permission of the list owner. On lists where the list owner generally permits occasional commercial announcements, explicit permission for each advertisement is not necessary so long as the list member follows the list owner's policies on commercial messages.

List owners may adopt policies for their lists in addition to the policies listed here. No policies set by a list owner may override or contradict policies set here. List members must adhere to additional policies set by the list owner for their lists. List owners may request assistance from the staff to enforce their additional list-specific policies.

These policies may be amended from time to time without notification to list members or list owners. It is suggested that list owners periodically re-read these policies to ensure continued compliance.

Last updated: December 5, 2003